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How To Pick Up A Cat

We all love picking up our cat for a cuddle and many cats will enjoy this attention, but make sure you pick them up in a safe and comfortable way. When you are about to pick up a cat the first thing you need to do is make sure they know you are coming. Talk to her, stroke her and tickle her chin. If your cat is receptive to you and seems comfortable in your presence then she may allow you to pick her up.

A tabby Ocicat


You need to support the cat behind its front legs and under its hindquarters. Hold the cat against you, continue stroking it and talk to it in reassurance.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

  • Never grab a cat. This can frighten it and make it more likely to avoid being handled again.

  • Never surprise a cat. Some cats will become frightened if picked up unexpectedly.

  • Never pick up a cat who doesn’t want to be picked up. This can distress and anger them which will make them more likely to avoid handling again.

  • Don’t pick up adult cats by their scruff. After a kitten is over 6 months old their scruff cannot support them the same way. Picking up an adult cat by the scruff can cause injury.

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