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Cat Behaviour

Unlike dogs, cats are solitary animals who enjoy their own company and space. In the wild they sometimes co-exist with other cats as colonies or affiliated family groups. This coexistence is not to be confused with a pack of dogs. Unlike a pack of dogs, cats do not have a specific communication system. You may find if you have a multi cat household your cats will sleep cuddled up and will nuzzle each other. However it is more common for cats to simply tolerate each other.

Cats that dislike each other will avoid eye contact and not interact much. They may hiss and fight with each other occasionally. Cats tend to favour one person in your household. When they want attention or something they will usually seek out this person. They will be very loyal to this person. If you wish to have more than 1 cat and you want your cats to live happily together as friends it is recommended that you buy kittens from the same litter as they will grow up together and have a bond.

A curious tabby cat hiding inside a cardboard box
A curious tabby cat hiding inside a cardboard box


Hunting is a natural instinct for your cat. Cats will hunt small rodents, birds, and insects. It is very likely that if you let your cat out to roam she will bring home something she has caught. Some owners like to attach bells to their cats collars to inhibit their ability to catch wildlife. Omlet sell a variety of snazzy collars with bells attached to ensure your kitty won’t become the neighbourhood villain.

A young black and white cat mid hunt ready to pounce
A young black and white cat mid hunt ready to pounce


Cats will spray their urine to mark their territory. It is unusual but not unheard of for a cat that has been neutered to spray. This is a natural behaviour which can be a nuisance when your cat decides she wants to mark her territory inside your house. When cats spray they will back up to a surface, lift their tails straight up and will spray urine onto the surface. Cats don’t usually spray inside the house as they don’t feel like they need to scent mark as other cats don’t enter your house.

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