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The Benefits Of Playing With Your Cat

Playing with your cat is loads of fun but it also has tonnes of added benefits:

Prevents Obesity - Keeping your cat fit through lively play sessions will prevent them gaining any excess weight. Obese cats can suffer from a range of health problems including diabetes.

Saves Your Furniture - Cats who have cat posts or cat trees to play on are much less likely to attack your furniture. Furthermore if you encourage your cat to climb on these through games then they will tire out and no longer feel the need to stretch their claws.

Reduces Anxiety And Stress - Cats who are worn out from a good play session are much more likely to curl up for a nice cat nap. These cats are less likely to be stressed and pace around the house.

Good For Relationship Building - Cats enjoy playing with you and love your attention. Playing with your cat shows you love them and they will be thankful for it even if they can’t say so themselves.

A happy playful cat
A happy playful cat

Can Build Confidence - A shy cat can be coaxed out of its shell through progressive play sessions. Start small with some fun play and eventually you may have an extrovert who will love to play all the time.

Can Help Cats Get Along - If two cats in the same household show animosity towards each other; playing with them together can be a good way to calm things down. The playing directs attention away from the other cat but gets them used to close contact.

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