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Cat Coat Types

Think of the Sphynx cat, the British Shorthair and the Maine Coon. They all share wonderful personalities, but are recognised by their iconic coats - hairless, short and long. Each type of coat also comes in different patterns and colours so there are lots of different combinations to choose from.

Longhaired siberian cat
Longhaired siberian cat

Hairless Cats

As the name suggests the coat of a hairless cat is pretty non-existent. However these breeds do have a suede like coat with very fine hair. Hairless cats need bathing regularly because they lack the hair to soak up the oil that the skin produces. They are also vulnerable to extreme temperatures, and sunburn, so need to be monitored when out in the cold, or out in the sun.

A hairless sphynx cat
A hairless sphynx cat

Breeds with hairless coats include the Sphynx, the Bambino, and the Peterbald.

Short Haired Cats

A short hair cat’s coat is no longer than 1.5 inches long. These cats are low maintenance, requiring very little grooming.

A short haired Bengal sitting on a cat tree
A short haired Bengal cat sitting on his cat tree

There are lots of short hair breeds including the British Shorthair, the Burmese, the Manx, the Bengal, and the Savannah to name a few.

Long Haired Cats

The coat of a long haired cat can grow up to 5 inches which requires a lot of extra grooming. This can be especially true into older age when cats may struggle to groom themselves. Longhaired cats also tend to shed a lot more than short haired cats so be prepared to be clearing up a lot of cat hair off your sofa.

A Maine Coon cat with a wonderful long coat
A Maine Coon cat with a wonderful long coat

Some long hair breeds include the Norwegian forest cat, Maine Coon, Ragdoll and the Persian.

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