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Cindi, 8 July 2021

An escaped parakeet has been around my outdoor feeder with a group of sparrows for a week. No success finding her owner. What do I do?

Michelle, 23 May 2021

My budgie has escaped Kotara Newcastle Friday 21st 9.30am we are all distraught pale blue white. No leg band. Chatters and speaks. Name chill. Says sentences including words mum and dad

Emily, 31 May 2020

I’m going to get one budgie in the summer, I will spend lots of time with her then so I’m scared that she will become depressed while I’m at school. I leave at 7:00 and stay there until 3:00. A second budgie is out of the question, is there any way to keep her happy while I’m gone that I can know before I get her?

Anonymous, 22 March 2020

My budgie has gone missing but we cant tell if hes trapped somewhere inside the house or if he flew outside. He had a buddy which we took outside in the cage. He hasn't come yet. This happened at noon and it's already night. The thing is nobody went outside after the times that he was mentioned to be seen. We didn't open any windows. Yet we found his feather outside but we aren't exactly sure if that's from his cage that we placed outside. We checked all over the house as well but couldn't find him. Is anybody sure where he is? ( don't worry we've told the neighbours about the situation )

Wes, 20 March 2020

I got two budgies Sunday. Went to work tonight Thursday. Back in 6 hours and one guy got through the bars! I found him sitting on a perch outside the cage next to the bird inside. A spray of millet outside had been devoured. He was almost comatose. Napping inside now. Doesn't seem injured. Am I too far ahead of schedule in introducing them to habitat outside the cage? I must need a new cage system.

Brody, 12 September 2019

i want to get a parakeet. i go to school from 8:30am to 4:30pm. do i get one or two parakeets?

David, 31 August 2019

i bought abudgie 4weeks ago, he is very happy. he only about 4 months old. feathers look good is it common for him to like TV. I feed him millet, bird seed, fresh water and iceberg lettuce. am idoing the rights things.

Simran, 3 July 2019

Hey it’s been 24hours since my budgie escaped and there has been no sign of him

Martin, 5 June 2019

My niece a vet nurse brought my little man to me looking for a home .beutifull little budgie.hope I can keep him occupied learning sum tricks

Loretta, 30 May 2019

hi, I live in australia. I have my budugies cage in the lounge room. It is autumn now and its cold at night. I do have the fan heater on till I go to bed. I put a thin rug over the cage at night. Is it warm enough for the budgie. Thanks