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Bringing Guinea Pigs Indoors For Winter

Guinea pigs do best between temperatures of around 15-24 degrees celsius. If it’s getting a little damp and chilly outside, then it’s a good idea to bring your guinea pigs in to ensure they don’t get too cold. If it’s below zero then they’ll need to be brought inside. It's good to be aware that guinea pigs don't adapt very well to recurring and drastic changes in temperature, and so being brought in and out of doors a lot may be bad for their health. You might want to bring them in for the entire winter, or for a few weeks when it is very cold.

Guinea pigs indoors
Guinea pigs will need to be brought inside when it's very cold

If you are about to bring your guinea pigs indoors for winter, you’ll want to be well prepared, as guinea pigs need a nice quiet space indoors. For more information on where to put them, have a look at our Where To Put My Guinea Pig Hutch section.

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