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A Spring in your step

At the beginning of the year the grass may not be growing much, and you will need more trips to the supermarket for vegetable shopping! Once the grass does start to grow it will be very rich, and the guinea pigs will not be used to eating it, so they should initially only spend 1-2hrs on the grass a day, to avoid stomach upsets.

eglu spring tulips
Guinea pigs will love being outside in the spring, but be careful not to let them overdo it!

By April the weeds will be starting to grow (may be weeds to you, but are delicacies for your guinea pigs!) and you can start picking dandelions, milk thistle and plantains.

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Liz, 19 April 2013

very helpful site thanks

Taylor, 11 April 2013

thx for the info!!!

Melissa, 20 December 2011

Very informative and helpful information and advice, thanks a lot

Leigh, 18 May 2011

Nice site. Simple and to the point instructions and information. Everything we need to care for our new babies.

Sue, 18 May 2011

your site was very useful as i have just adopted Mable. info very good about socialising .i have two girls rusty&minsterol.thanks.sue