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Hamster Diet

The bulk of a hamster’s diet should be a good dry food, one which has been specifically formulated to fulfil most of your pet’s nutritional needs. There are a wide variety of excellent options available in local pet shops. These will range from basic to flavoured, and can consist of a variety of different foodstuffs such as seeds and pellets.

First off, it’s good to be aware that some varieties of dry food have not been thoroughly examined. Ask a friend for a recommendation, or have a look on our website if you are unsure which brands are reputable. We advise you either buy a brand from a good pet shop or to be sure of the quality of what you’re purchasing beforehand. Some ways to recognise a good quality dry food is that it looks nice and fresh, and that there isn’t much dust in the mixture.

hamsters diet is important
A hamster's diet should consist primarily of a good dry food

If you’re thinking of purchasing some hamster food that is kept loose, make sure that it’s being stored in a clean, dry place. If hamster food comes into contact with water or damp air, then it can easily grow mould, which makes the food dangerous for hamsters - ingested mould can lead to problems with their blood.

Some owners have thought that they were saving money by buying a food that wasn’t intended for hamsters, such as rabbit food or guinea pig food. However, what these owners perhaps didn’t understand is that different mixes exist for a reason. Each species has its own specific nutritional requirements, and purchasing the wrong food can lead to problems stemming from malnutrition, or worse, as some pet species react very badly to substances that others benefit from.

Once you’ve brought the food home, it’s a good idea to store it in a sealed container somewhere nice and dry. If you notice any food has become wet or mouldy then it’s important that you remove and bin it, because as we mentioned before, ingesting anything mouldy can be very dangerous for hamsters.

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Erin, 19 November 2017

My hamster gets meal worms, peanuts and millet seeds as treats and to supplement protein.