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Rabbit Food Bowl

Rabbit food bowls are extremely useful accessories for your pets’ enclosure. They prevent rabbit pellets and rabbit fresh food from scattering all over the floor, and they make it significantly easier to prevent your pets from becoming ill from spoiled food. If you scatter food in their enclosure rather than depositing it in bowls, it’s a little harder to remove before it spoils, and a lot of it can get wasted.

Another benefit of bowls is that is makes cleaning a little easier. Whilst scattering food around the run can be a fun diversion for your pets, it’s best to only do this once in a while, as it increases the likelihood of pieces of food being missed when you come to clean. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of attracting unwanted guests! Rats and mice both love to eat rabbit food, especially old bits and pieces that you may not realise have been lying around for a time.

All Eglu units come free with several items, including these bowls

The best rabbit food bowls are those that are a little weighty, so that your rabbit won’t constantly tip them over. Metal bowls, or low earthenware ones are the best, as these are difficult to displace. Their plastic counterparts may be a little cheaper, but the heavier options are likely to save you a lot of time and effort.

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