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What Do Rabbits Eat?

Although rabbits have relatively simple needs, they require three key food types in order to stay healthy. In no particular order, these are:

  • Dry food
  • Fresh food
  • Hay/Grass

They will also need an unlimited supply of clean, fresh water, and would benefit from a salt lick, and a chew.

There are three key components of rabbit diets

Hay should form the main staple of your pets’ diet. Wild rabbits get almost all of their nutrition from the grass that they eat, and so it’s good to mimic this when keeping pet rabbits in captivity. Not only this, but it helps keep their teeth at a manageable level. Most importantly, without hay, rabbits’ digestive systems struggle to function properly. It really is an essential part of their diet.

Dry foods are crucial in making sure that your rabbits have all the necessary vitamins and minerals. They’ve been specially formulated so that they contain lots of different essential nutrients, so they are a really important part of any pet rabbit’s diet. We sell an excellent dry pellet option at our Rabbit Shop.

Fresh foods are important too. Fresh (not frozen or damp) leafy foods should be provided to your pets on a daily basis. Be a little careful about which you offer, however, as some fruits and vegetables can do more harm than good. Have a look at our Rabbit Food List for more information.

It is worth mentioning that if you are bringing your rabbits home for the first time, then it’s really crucial that you ask who you’re buying them from for some of the food that they’re currently being kept on. Altering a rabbit’s diet needs to be done slowly and gradually so that they can get used to any changes that you make. Doing so too quickly can cause serious stomach upsets, so keep a close eye on your rabbits during this time.

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