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Rabbit Water Bottles

Water bottles are a vital piece of any pet owner’s equipment. Fresh, clean water should be readily available to your rabbits at all times – they’ll need an unlimited supply in order to stay hydrated. Although rabbits can gain a significant supply of water from their diets, you would be surprised at how much a pet rabbit needs.

The best rabbit water bottles are those that stand upright, and are gravity fed. Those owners who opt for a water bowl will find that cleaning them is a chore that requires frequent attention – all sort of fluff, hay, food debris and waste gets caught in water bowls, and sprightly rabbits will often overturn them when running around their enclosure. It’s for these reasons that a gravity fed rabbit water bottle is the best choice. This item comes free with both the Eglu Go and the Eglu Classic, our modern alternatives to the traditional hutch.

An unlimited supply of fresh water is essential to your rabbits

The bottle should be cleaned out at least once a week, and should be checked to ensure that it is working properly each day. Happily, this is extraordinarily simple to do. Just pass your finger over the ball in the spout – if any water comes out, it’s working fine. If this doesn’t happen, then the water bottle is broken and will need to be replaced immediately, as your rabbit won’t be able to drink out of it. A water bowl might be useful in the interim, until you can get a new water bottle.

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