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Wonderful duckies - Leon,

I bought an Appleyard duck and a drake on the recommendation that they would be great slug and snail eaters in the veggie garden but not too damaging on my crops. The recommendation was half right, not a single snail to be found but they have menaced my veggies! They love all kinds of brassicas, broad beans and beetroot tops. I haven't harvested a single strawberry since letting them roam free either. Despite the destruction (or perhaps because of it) they are beautiful, personable birds, very vocal and have a fantastic little happy dance they do next to the water feature. My duck is a champion egg layer-2 eggs a day every day last fortnight. Would absolutely recommend to anyone-however if buying for organic pest control-also invest in some study frames and nets so there is produce left over for you to enjoy too!

silver appleyards the best. - Derek,

I have kept many breeds of duck, but to date I have found the silver appleyards to be one of the best. The egg laying capabilities are second only to khaki campbells, and the meat quality is also excellent. When breeding these birds I have found that some of the young drakes will be true to the breed, while others can turn out more like welsh harlequins, and some ducks can be very silver in appearance.This maybe due to both breeds being developed along similar lines,im not to sure.

- An Omleteer,

AppleYard - Harry, Surrey,

I have a mini Appleyard duck, Kayuga drake, and a Runner duck. The Appleyard is a very good breed and a funny breed to me because my little apple goes crazy when i refill my duck pond with fresh water. Apple is the leder of the flock and Apple yard's are very good layers and have lots of Appearances.

lovely duck for first time - John,

lay like the clappers all the way through the year with a bulb in a house. slow down when they are malting .

amazing the BEST - Bobby,

they are the ultimate duck there is no better

A great bread! - Will,

I have got two silver appleyards, one duck and one drake I got them at two weeks from a breeder in Wales. I have had them for 2 months they settled in very well and now are happily free ranging with my nine hens and are very curious about every thing. They are very hardy and will be out in all weathers. With all of this and there vibrant colours I think that this is one of the best breads of duck.

mini silver apple yard duck - Jane,

I have 1 male and 1 female mini silver apple yard . I have had my boy since he was 10 days old he is not as friendly as my hens but he can be picked up hand feed and likes to be stroked . I got my girl at 26 weeks old so she is not as friendly as my boy but is getting better the more time i spend with her . They do like to talk/chatter a lot when they see me and my girl wags her tail at me . A very good small duck ideal for gardens as they like to eat the slugs and bugs . A good pet .

very nice breed - Ducks,

i have had the appleyards for i few mounths i bought them when they were 20 weeks old the have been laying around 5 eggs out of 6 ducks one odd day we got 5 eggs and the next day we got 7 eggs are ducks are not the Friendliness but since the person we got them from raised them to be poultry and where not handled tell we got them i can not say how friendly they would be if raised from hatchling all will say that they have inproved a lot

excellent - Mal,

I have a male and female 19-20 weeks old still waiting for eggs very friendly and sociable. they love to eat tomato lettuce cucumber strawberrys and their fav is cooked asparagus. kids love them and recommend them to anyone.

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