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human person - Human,

i am a human person not a duck this is a good breed of duck buy these ducks and give them the lifegiving BRED and the fun pond play

Fantastic pets - Paul,

We have 2 Charlie(Drake) and Dolly.Both just over 1year old.Dollies been laying for 4 months ,ignoring the early eggs which I took away and incubated.12 of them hatched.Laterly she built a nest 5 weeks ago and out of 14 eggs we have 3 lovely ducklings.At the moment we are keeping Charlie away as I've been warned he could harm any males due to jealousy.

- Natasha,

Mine is really friendly males have a curly feather on the taill hope that helps anyone

- Nathan,

Lovely Ducks - Millie,

I've had several Aylesbury's over the years, they are very friendly and sociable, mine would come and sit on me in the garden. You can see more of their personalities if you only have a few. I found that mine would only lay eggs once a year, perhaps as they were free range and weren't shut away at night.

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