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Wonderful -

We had Khaki Campbells from day-old chicks...which just might've influenced how well they subsequently behaved...but they were amazing... They were enormously friendly birds, loved being picked up (except at bedtime!) and petted...superb layers...disdainfully saw off our cats and dogs...what else could you want?

Great layers - Cumbria,

Consistent layers of large blue eggs. If you are planning on keeping some as pets, I would recommend buying them as young ducklings as they will be a lot tamer and friendlier.

Lovely duck -

These are about the best duck i have ever kept. They are very friendly, lay good eggs every day and love their food especially bread as a treat. Plus they dont want to fly.


Very handsome and extremely friendly. We also have chicken and they get on fine. (-:

good birds -

I got my white campbell ducks from the domestic fowl trust before the ownership changed they were very wild and you could not pick them up.I have managed to get them used to people but they we are still unable to pick them up. They have been wonderful layers and did so all winter they laid more eggs than our hybrids ever did. The damage to our garden was quite considerable.



they're good egg layers

Beautiful lil ducks -

I have kept chickens for many years and decided to get a copule of ducks we got a pair of female khaki camEll that are beautiful little ducks that love to have a bath they both lay an egg a day , although not for the urban farmer As they are extremely messy

good ducks -

I've got 8 ducks 5 are khaki Campbells and males are really pretty with their blue beaks and girls lay loads of eggs

super characterful ducks -

I have had my white campbells for 18 months. I started witha trio of three at months old, unfortunately they were not tame but are wonderful characters and have made excellent parents. They brooded in July last year and we had a successful hatch of 5 healthy fluffy ducklings. We sold 3 as we had too many males (they do not tolerate each other in breeding season) and have also acquired a female white campbell cross who needed a new home. I will happily take in more white females if people need to rehome.

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