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We Absolutely Love Our Hookbills! - Maria,

Our family absolutely loves our Dutch Hookbills! They are very curious, smart and each have their own personality. Some of my Hookbills will walk right up to me and others do their own thing, but they are all extremely sweet ducks and don't have a mean bone in them. My toddlers love to go out to take care of the ducks and the Hookbills are their favorites. We have also found that Hookbills are amazing foragers that if given the option would prefer to go eat bugs and grass all day over feed. We ended up fencing in a whole acre just for the ducks to free range during the day and they are happy as can be!

Very intelligent bird - Griffiths,

Some people are put off by the bill shape but they are a beautiful bird overall and good doers. Our hookbills are very self sufficient and not terribly friendly but given time they will stop for a quick chat. Hookbills are very intelligent birds, if you watch them you will see them trying to work out various problems like, how to get into the lettuces. Be very careful what you show them as it will be imbedded in their memory forever. They produce lots of lovely duck eggs but I've found ours aren't very broody.