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Comments for Top 7 Smallest Cat Breeds

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Arlette, 25 April 2020

I would like information on adopting a Wiindrunner Cattery muchkin.

Shirley, 24 April 2020

Won’t small cat someone to love and be with me can take care of

Kathy, 30 March 2020

I really like to love a little cat I am partly disabled and can't handle a larger cat would love a small one to cuddle with I could take care of a small cat. If anybody knows a little cat that would love a home I'd love to give it one.

Flyfysher, 21 December 2019

The Toybob is the smallest cat breed. It is neither a dwarf cat nor a Siamese although it comes in seal point.

Ann, 28 October 2019

I have 3 rescued kitties. They were left to fend for themselves. What is interesting about these kittens, is that they are noticeable breeds. The first was found wedged in the wall of an abandoned building. She turned out to be a "rumpie" Manx, the kind allowed in cat shows. She has grown into a beauty. 6 weeks later, my brother, (the actual rescuer), found a kitten running happily around an old trailer, and he was a combination of exotic & funny looking. The vet was excited because he's a Devon Rex. The latest rescue is a kitten/tiny cat, dumped in the parking lot of the apt blding. Another unusual cat, a "stumpie" Manx. My point is, you don't need to buy, just keep your eyes open for a while.

Marie, 14 September 2019

we are cat lovers and are looking for another cat but one that remains small. there was one on fB looked like an ocelot? can you send us a list of cats that remain small we would appreciat it very much. sincerely, marie moir

Melinda, 7 August 2019

Where can I find a long-haired American Curl kitten to adopt or buy in/near Lakeland, Florida??

Christine, 18 July 2019

I would like a munchin cat

Jenjen, 13 May 2019

Hello. I like a singapura. Sounds nice.

Frank, 29 March 2019

I live in east los angeles, CA, can anyone recommend a breeder or organization where i can purchase a Napolean kitten.

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