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Jaycie-Leigh, 18 March 2021

Do you have to cook any of these grains?

Sameer, 18 February 2020

I have two pair of Budgies..Do they need separate box to breed.

Nancy, 19 January 2020

Hi, I bought a male and female budgis, i need to know when the can lay eggs , .. The budgis are not to babies and not to old . Thanks nancy

Nicole, 14 December 2019

Can i make my own daily seed blend instead of buying it already premixed at the store? Anybody tell me if i got to walmart and buy these seeds?

D’Fer, 15 November 2019

I have a catastrophe to report. Normally, we feed our Budgies on straight white millet, daily grass heads, coral grit and a weekly ‘budgie garden” The budgie garden consists of prostrate lawn grass and white millet. Usually the garden is four weeks old and the millet 15+ cms tall. The birds eat the grass within a couple of days and spend the rest of the week topping up their mineral needs from the soil. But due to a glitch in the system we gave the birds a garden with millet about 2-3 cms tall. Some birds died instantly and ten days later we are still having all 2/3 of our birds have died....adults and unweaned chicks An internet search mentions nitrate toxicity in millet under 15cm tall

Mohamed, 11 November 2019

Hi, I have benefited very much from this valuable information because I am a new amateur in the world of canaries and I thank you for your effort.

Ivanslovakia, 1 November 2019

They are certainly nor harmful? Pellets? How do you know that, author? Did you make any research?

Rahmath, 18 August 2019

Very informative. Thanks for the share. But we would like to have specific information like the names of seeds in seed mix. As we are in India seeds have different names here.

Maryn, 29 July 2019

Thank you. Now my budgie will be happy and healthy

Albert, 29 May 2019

Are chia seeds safe for budgies or i have to put them in water first

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