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Kristina, 14 September 2020

Thank you for this info. We adopted a lonely parakeet and appreciate this. Great to know. He eats gumbo limbo leaves also

Lisa, 3 April 2020

Thank you very much, best advice I've found yet ????

Tracey, 20 November 2019

My husband and myself are looking to have a biggie or two, found the information provided very useful thank you.

Susannah, 1 October 2019

Great info - just what I was looking for...thanks

Jane, 26 August 2019

Have you ever heard of the concept "Monkey See, Monkey Do"? Budgies are more to likely eat fresh veggies & fruits, if they see another bird eating these fresh foods! Case in point: We adopted 2 budgies from a rescue that basically viewed all fresh foods as alien. It wasn't until our cockatiel, Poindexter, started eating them that they became curious. One little taste led to another, with the budgies becoming over time, more willing to dine on fresh fruits & veggies than their seeds! However, it is very important that they get their protein resource from pellets, seeds &/or avi cakes (a softer combination compound of seeds, pellets & vitamans). Cuttlebones, fine ground Oyster Shells & Mineral Blocks will also provide the much needed calcium & additional minerals your bird. Your birds will use as needed.

Lorraine, 11 July 2019

Thsnk you for all the information. I found it very useful. I am looking firward to introducing greens to my new budgie.

Tammy, 4 July 2019

Thank you. I’ve been needing these lists for a while now, my budgies are scared of new food for a while but curiosity gets them. I read that avocado is poisonous to them.

Vanessa, 12 June 2019

Can I feed my parakeet cooked pureed turkey meat as a treat?

Jennifer, 12 March 2019

We have 5

Raj, 21 February 2019

can we give mango leaves ,guava plant leaves ,sapota leaves to budgies to play are this leaves toxic if they chew it?

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