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Mike, 24 January 2018

Hi thanks for your great advice I recently took on a 3 year old untamed male budgie I have had different types of birds before but buddy is very aggressive he talks and is starting to repeat me and my family having fallen I love with him his bird song is beautiful and is a delight to listen to I started of with you basic wolf whistle and he is incorporated it into his chattering to my delight I have started just putting my hand in the cage to start tamming but he has now started being more aggressive that my buddy I have looked up many online articles I found yours very informative we do understand he might never be totally hand tame but as a animal lover I can accept that but im gonna try my best thanks Mike and family

Iona, 3 December 2017

Thanks for the info though this first says taming two budgies is no trickier then says it is trickier? In my experience it has been much trickier with two - they aren’t looking to me for friendship and as part of their flock as have each other. I’m glad they do and it’s a big responsibility to keep a single one company but our single budgie literally came with me almost everywhere, even on short car trips as he loved it!

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