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Lucy, 31 May 2020

Hi we have had two budgies for a month tried training them by putting my finger in cage but they just fly around francticly and dont want to scare then they dont like any treats ive tried millet everything i just want them to go on my finger

Isabella, 16 April 2020

I have two budgies, Yodel and Pika. I was very new to the bird scene when I got them, which was a couple of days ago, but I've done some research. I've managed to coax Yodel and Pika to eat from my hand, and Yodel has learned to hop on my hand to get better access, Pika wouldn't dream of it. Now, when I attempt to teach Yodel to "step up" Pika seems to panic and start to screech, which makes Yodel turn away from my finger. I'm worried that I've taken training too far with Yodel and not far enough with Pika. Do budgies have to be trained at the same rate?

Avantika, 9 February 2020

Ive got two budgies (male,female) I bought them a few weeks ago and I've gained their trust enough for them to hop on to my hand and eat corriander(their favourite food) and seeds from it ,and they have stopped getting nervous if my hand enters their cage,and they even let me touch them a little bit , without treats ,but I'm unsure of what to do after this to get them to hop onto my finger with out treats,like will they do it on their own after I continue my cycle for some time longer and start to do it without treats or do I have to follow a different procedure from here

Lilac, 31 December 2019

So I have two budgies, Banana and Blueberry. I am here to give some tips. If you have a small cage that's fine but a bigger cage is better for this. You have to tame it before you let it out. If you let it out on the first day. It will most likely fly away.

Eveyln, 20 September 2019

My two budgies can make themselves really small to fit in a vegetable basket I bought them. They first pull out all of the Vegas and then each one takes turns climbing into the basket.. But they somehow make themselves small enough to fit in the basket. How do they too that?

Chris, 26 August 2019

Giving up is easy while persevering can be hard.You have to have PATIENCE with birds, especially budgies. They don't attack or bite out of malice. If they're grouchy or not responding then they're lacking something in their life, usually human contact, especially if it's the only bird you have. You have to be able to read their actions. I've owned and trained all types of parrots over the years. Birds require a LOT more attention than cats or dogs and will be extremely unhappy if they don't get the interaction or time out of the cage. Aggression is an early sign of this and lack of trust. Continuing the same can lead to a bird getting more deeply depressed which could also leave to them plucking their feathers out and becoming even more aggressive. Out of 75+ birds I've fostered, owned, or trained I only recall one that I wasn't able, with enough love and patience, to turn around and that was a Keel Billed Toucan that had been fed the wrong diet and neglected by it's owners for years. (Toucans are extremely difficult to keep (healthy and happy) in captivity). Budgies can be around for up to 20 years or so. That's 20 years of the owner having a 2 year old child to deal with every single day.

Vini, 25 August 2019

I bought budgies from a pet shop where there were many budgies in bit big size cage. No human contact. After a week ,I opened the cage in a room. But after long time they were not coming back so I have to forcefully catch them and put them back in cage.in this process ,accidentally one of female budgie tail feather got lost .pls help hot ti train my budgies to not to scare with me n how to train them.

Areebah, 27 July 2019

My two budgies are totally different and they hate me. I try everything to let them out and train them but they try to bite. I guess I will need to do this for a long time.

Sadie, 14 July 2019

I have an older female budgie, she's almost 3 years old. I have her to where she will hop onto my finger, I let her out daily so she can get some exercise. But she only seems to just tolerate me, I want to have more of a friendship with her but it seems she won't ever fully trust me. I'll continue to work with her and see if I can find new strategies to gaining her trust but I'm growing doubtful. :(

Jenny, 20 June 2019

Hi. I have a girl budgie. I bought her on a pet store 2 years ago. She is so aggresive. She bites and attack my finger every time i touch the cage or trying to give her food. She jump to another place in her cage if I take my finger in the cage. I don’t know what to do with her. Some tips to how I can tame her and don’t attack me every time? I bought her because I wanted a cute little budgie to be with in the rooms, don’t a aggresive, biting budgie that hates people/:

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