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Diane, 26 September 2021

Please help. I noticed when my parakeet was eating, her feathers around her bum area are few and i am able to see her pink bum area. She is quiet, puffy, sleeping and this morning she was flying around her cage and falling She actually let me grab her and hold her which she never does What is wrong with her????

Carly, 28 August 2021

We acquired a young budgie a couple of months ago. She recently cannot fly, one Wing doesn’t sit quite right (she did get it caught in the cage bars in a panic but did fly ok after this) but she can move/use/flap it however is unable to take flight. She has moulted some feathers however only small white ones & has been seen by a vet but they cannot find an issue/reason for now being unable to fly. She sets off however falls down to the ground and cannot fly as she did in the beginning. For this reason she has been confined to her cage for a while which I feel is unfair to her, Any advice/help would be much appreciated.

Shauna, 24 August 2021

My female albino budgie has recently been over plucking under her wings and face area at each side of her beak are two scans, here cere is normal and eyes are normal but has also got a slightly broken bottom beak and has pulled feathers from her vent area and sometimes has runny poo’s. What can this be? Please help

Gkap, 26 July 2021

We've had parakeets for decades and let me tell you that when you buy the Parakeets from the pet store they have clipped their wings. It took our parakeets up to four months for those Wing feathers to grow long enough so they could fly. Sometimes four and a half months. They clipped their wings so that if they get out of the cage they can't fly around the store and get up into the rafters.

Carol, 8 July 2021

My dad budgie used to be able to flu and have normal looking feather Now he can't seem to fly and he has a different look about him Could you tell me maybe what this is thanks

Manya, 4 July 2021

My budgie always pecks it’s feathers and scratches or rubs it’s beak on the cage. There is also brown feathers in front of his beak. I don’t know why this is happening.

Jill, 1 July 2021

I bought a baby parakeet from a pet store about 2 months ago. He was only 8 weeks old at the time. Of course he couldn't fly then but this flight feathers never grew. He tries so hard to fly with my 9 other parakeets but can't. Also, none od my other 9 parakeets will give this one the time of day. He tries to play with the others but they all fly away from him or peck at him. He shows no other symptoms. What would cause his flight wings to not grow?

Christinecornell, 22 June 2021

Of my six budgies , five are healthy and one now is completely naked! I have separated her out, but after two weeks see no growth. She is very energetic and eats with enthusiasm but cannot fly at all poor thing. Any advice? I am worried that being alone may become hard on her too, even though she can see and hear the other birds. Advice?

Izma, 7 April 2021

i have a brand new 6month baby budgie i got her 6 months ago recently she got bald on her head.

Luke, 17 March 2021

My bird is losing and chewing his feather on his back do you know why

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