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Margaret, 19 February 2019

My budgi e keeps scratching his ear and makes it bleed. Is there anything I can do it be aware of. He is lovely enough. Thanks.

Tracy, 15 February 2019

Hi my budgie is losing feathers above his beak and it worrying me can anyone help or shed some light to why this is happening please

Cutename1112, 13 February 2019

Please help me my budgie is starting to lose tiny feathers around the eyes and beak. What does that mean???

Leah, 13 February 2019

My budgie hasn't got his left flight wing. He lost this about 2 years ago and they never grew back. He walks everywhere and climbs in stead of flying although he does try to fly but just goes straight down. His feathers have started to stick out a bit as well and I've recently noticed his toenails are quite long. He appears happy in himself sings and chirps really happily but reading this has now made me more concerned. I originally put it down to old age but maybe it's not. he's 4 years old now. Any ideas that may help?

Gillbert, 5 February 2019

My bird is facing problem with wings and feather she has loosed her all feathers kindly advise please

Jeff, 30 January 2019

I have the same problem with my bird as Pauline 28,1,2019 , he is eating and chirping as normal same as her bird, can you help, he has been like this for over a month ,jeff

Pauline, 28 January 2019

Not sure of my budgies age but some of his feathers are looking like wisps of pulled cotton wool,never had this before ,yet hes eating drinking and chirping ok . Can you please advise me what to do or give him?

Juan, 15 January 2019

My parakeet have yellowish tumors in both foot and in the wings and seems like having pain and barely can walk

Serra, 7 January 2019

Only one of my budgie's feathers is sticking out on his left wing. But he can still fly and move and talk and is not showing any symptoms of sickness. He is acting normal like he always was fine. His feather has been like that for about 3-4 weeks.

Deedee, 20 August 2018

Our Chloes feather issue is difficult to explain. Her feathers over a 9 yr span have of course been cleaned, and she's gone through her cycles. She is now looking as though her feathers are starting to grow back, looks bad, looks like what a dot would look like if it had hair, yeah, a hairy dot. That is the only way to discribe it. I guess i'll just hope for the best, the annoy chirp, is what worries me in the middle of the night.

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