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Nomi, 8 August 2019

My budgie has been active too calm lately. He acts like he's cold very much now, whenever he tries to sing his voice sounds weird and his feathers (around the chest and baek) look like they're wet and sticky but they're very very dry and I'm really worried. For now I'm looking for info here but I'm definitely going to take him to a vet today.

Firoza, 27 July 2019

My female budgie's feather is loss around back and between legs

Alicia, 25 July 2019

2 days ago I discovered my budgie’s head especially around the cere completely covered in dark crusty stuff. I cleaned the cage and sprayed it with mite spray, then I picked her up and cleaned the dark stuff off of her (I’m noticing small bald patches) and dabbed a bit of the spray on her (I felt that was safer than spraying since it talks about inhalation. Her mate doesn’t look as good as usual either around the eyes— more like ahe’s Looked for the last several months. For the last several months she has looked a bit more “crusty” around her eye area, her cere has seemed darker than usual that whole time— usually she would have been going through normal cere color changes, In the morning she again had a bit of dark crusty stuff on her head— but a bit better. This morning though, her head is completely covered with it. I again dabbed some nite spray on her head. I haven’t seen any pictures that resemble it. It seems closest to mites, but her beak and legs are fine and I haven’t seen any pictures that resemble her darkened feathers. The small bald patches don’t seem crusty— just like small areas without a feather and when I mean small, I mean I had to clean her to see them. There were some aphid-looking bugs in the cage bottom when I was cleaning it that are creeping me out and making me wonder if they are mites/lice. And I understand there are different kinds? I cleaned really really well and haven’t seen any since— but what can I do? If this is common then I’d like to try common productsI don’t know if any vets out where I live are good with birds.

Helen, 29 June 2019

My budgie has been rubbing his head feathers, so much that they sometimes they bleed for the last month. Now he's sleeping most of the day. I've been bathing the top of his head in warm water. What else should I do?

Samantha, 26 June 2019

My budgie (female) has plucked her feathers around her neck, I don’t see her do this as I suspect she does it at night. She weighs 60g and has seen a vet who didn’t really know what to suggest. She lives on her own but I am always a round .

Jane, 14 June 2019

Hello, we have four budgies at home, but one of them doesn't seem to be growing. His sister has been fully grown for a month now, but he is still a baby. His beak doesn't seem to change colour. Why is this happening? Many Thanks.

Anna, 20 May 2019

Like Chloe, pictured above, one of our little chaps is having a rough time with his feathers. He's 2 years old and has always been a little patchy, his plumage has never been as full as his mate's but is otherwise in top shape and good spirits. They both have a full and varied diet, receive vitamin supplements and egg food during molts and have plenty of things to keep them busy. I would be interested in hearing more from Violet about the genetic defect she mentioned as I would love to get to the bottom of what is causing this. If you do read this comment, Violet, I'd really appreciate more information. Many thanks.

Morgan, 4 May 2019

Kayla - the cere issue might be Brown Hypertrophy.

Kayla, 2 April 2019

Hi I have a female parakeet along with 4 other males and she has a brown cere that seems a little dry and seems to have something that is extending from her cere to her beak. She doesn't seem sick or bothered she is a very happy bird...but stubborn and likes to hang by herself... but she is not as active as the other birds and the 3 other birds her same age are flying about the Cage but she doesn't...should we be worried something is wrong with these 2 concerns? We have had her and the other 3 for 8-9 months now and the other bird is newer but this was happening prior to getting the new parakeet. Just now started to notice the part the was extending from her cere onto her beak...can you help?! Thank you!!

Shakeel, 8 March 2019

I have budgie pair there's baby now six months old but the not able to crow full feather can you halo me about this

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