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Comments for Why Do Guinea Pigs Sneeze?

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Mick, 14 January 2020

My 3 year old ???????? ???? Elliot is sneezing all the time. I have changed bedding 4 times, tries Timothy Hay, Botanical Hay, Alfalfa, all natural. You name it I have tried it. We use ALL free and clear for laundry. Nothing scented in home AT ALL. No perfumes, smoking, candles NOTHING! He has a humidifier, been in antibiotics 3 times. No sign of respiratory distress. ANY HELP for him would be amazing. No crusty eyes or nose just the sneezes and rattle of dry boogers. Yhank you

Melanie, 30 November 2019

My young guinea pig has been sneezing but I just think it is Allergies

Delana, 2 July 2019

I just got a young guinea pig and ever since she was in the car on the way home she has been sneezing

Jenna, 15 March 2019

My guinea pig sneezes but I think she might be allergic to her bedding it’s lavender scented.

Rachel, 7 January 2019

Mine sneezes sorta like a human! She is sneezing a lot but doesn't seem to have other symptomps except she's complaining a ton.

Michael, 31 October 2018

I read in an article that when a guinea pig sneezes it sounds like a high pitched squeal, but mine sounds like how a dog would sneeze. What is this? Is it a real sneeze or what?

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