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How To Gerbil-Proof A Room

Gerbils are really wriggly little individuals, and you’ll be surprised at how fast they can skitter around. If you have a good space for them to play in outside of their enclosure, it’s great to let them out to play here.

gerbil proofing
Gerbils often like playing outside of their enclosure, but keep a close eye on them

  1. Remove plants

    Gerbils can suffer from a lot of digestive problems if they are able to get their little paws on a plant that’s not good for them! Gerbils are great jumpers and so if there are any plants in the space then it’s best to remove them.

  2. Choose a room
    It’s really hard to build a structure that’s both safe and difficult for your gerbils to escape from, so it’s a good idea (if you can) to work with the natural barriers in your house and choose one room to let your gerbils loose in. You may also need to create a little barrier around the door so that your gerbils can’t make a dash for it when someone enters or leaves the room.
  3. Provide food and water
    Just like with your gerbil’s real enclosure, you’ll need to provide plenty of food and water in your gerbil’s ‘free-range’ enclosure so that they’ll be able to access some if they get hungry or thirsty.
  4. Provide some shelter
    Gerbils are tunnelers by nature, and they’ll need a place to dive into if they feel anxious. It’s for this reason that it’s wise to provide a little sheltered space so that your gerbils have somewhere to hide if they need it.
  5. Remove all other pets

    Although your other pets may just want to play, larger animals (especially meat-eating ones) have certain instincts when it comes to little rodents. You can’t blame your dog or cat for following their instincts and biting or pawing your gerbils. Even if it’s unintentional they can really cause your gerbils a lot of stress and can easily injure them. Make sure that your free range space is in an area your other pets can’t reach.

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