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How Much Do Gerbils Cost?

For Mongolian gerbils, you can expect to pay something between five and twenty pounds per animal. Whilst this will vary depending on where you purchase them from, there won’t be much difference between buying and adopting - adoption centres can give you gerbils for a very low cost. Before you decide where to get your gerbils, we’d like to suggest adopting them from a shelter - the animals in them would love some new owners and the shelter really needs your help in order to keep going! Animal shelters are wonderful organisations. They help pets in need, and their staff are full of excellent advice.

how much are gerbils
Mongolian gerbils are the ones most commonly found in pet shops

At the present time, Mongolian gerbils will be the easiest to find, both in shelters and in shops. The other pet gerbil, the fat-tailed gerbil, is a relative newcomer to the pet market and so will be a little difficult to find at the moment. Although they are growing in popularity, this scarcity means that they cost quite a bit more than their Mongolian relatives, often with asking prices upwards of twenty or thirty pounds.

If you are thinking of getting gerbils, then you might want to have a look at some of the Getting A Gerbil pages of our guide - we’ve got information on how to bring gerbils home, how to choose between buying and adopting, and how to provide your pets with everything they need.

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An Omleteer, 28 October 2022

I want a gerbil ???? but have no idea what to do and how much it costs cause one site said 100-150 dollars per gerbil and one said 5-10 dollars per gerbil. Which one is true?!

Owen, 21 May 2020

I want a rabbit or a gerbil