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Gerbil Lifespans

How long you can expect your gerbil to live depends in part on what species you own, as well as how it’s kept and what diseases it contracts during the course of its life. If your gerbils have a nice, quiet, clean place to live in which they can exhibit their normal wild behaviours, and if they have all the water and food that they need to remain happy and healthy, then there’s no reason that your gerbils can’t remain your contented friends for many years.

how long gerbils live
How long you can expect your pet to live depends on which species you are looking after

Although it’s more likely to happen to gerbils kept in poor conditions, even the best looked-after gerbils can fall ill. When this happens, there may be some treatments that the vet can offer you, but sadly in some circumstances there may not. Just focus on giving your little friends the absolute best life possible for as long as you have together.

For Mongolian gerbils, this is usually for something between two and five years, whereas fat-tailed gerbils tend to live for slightly longer, generally somewhere between five and eight years.

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