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Guinea Pig Treats

Some pet shops will sell specific guinea pig treats, which pets usually love. These often contain special nuts or honey, which is a rare treat for your pet. Although it’s lovely to see your pet enjoying something, be careful not to give them too many of these sweet desserts, in case your guinea pig gets a bit too tubby!

Whilst some pets will prefer the shop bought treats, others will prefer fruits or vegetables that they rarely get to munch on. As such things should only be given occasionally, guinea pigs will enjoy foods given rarely such as spinach and apple.

guinea pigs getting some exercise
You can combine exercise and treats

Some guinea pigs really enjoy hunting for their treats in specially made guinea pig toys. You can buy wooden toys that your guinea pigs can have fun trying to gnaw or break their way into, in order to reach the tasty treat inside. This way, the guinea pigs gets stimulation, exercise and a tasty reward.

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