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Fresh Guinea Pig Food

Every day, your guinea pigs will need fresh as well as dry food to munch on. Fresh food is essential to give your guinea pigs all the vitamin C they need to keep in good health, and it is for this reason that guinea pigs will need vegetables every day. Dry food, especially non-enriched dry food, doesn’t contain all the key nutrients guinea pigs need to stay happy and healthy.

Guinea pig eating a pepper
Guinea pigs need both fresh food and dry food every day

Some of the best vegetables for guinea pigs to eat are cabbages, carrots, and broccoli, as they provide great vitamins and minerals as well as being excellent for your guinea pigs' teeth. Check out our guinea pig food list for some ideas on what fresh food to supply your guinea pigs with. Bear in mind that, like humans, some guinea pigs won’t like certain foods.

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