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Dry Guinea Pig Food

You can get a variety of dry guinea pig foods from pet shops, including those that are enriched with certain nutrients. Bear in mind that if you choose to buy a variety that has extra vitamin C in it, then it’ll have quite a short shelf life and will be need to eaten quickly if you want your guinea pigs to benefit from its supplements. Commonly, dry guinea pig food will be sold in several-kilogram bags, so it should last you for a while. Each adult guinea pig needs between ⅛ and ¼ cup of guinea pig food each day, but they’ll need more if it’s a bit nippy out, if they’re recovering from an illness, or if they’re a pregnant or suckling sow. If there is always dry food left in the bowl, you might be overfeeding.

guinea pig dry foods vary
Some guinea pig foods are enriched with vitamin C

When you're choosing a pack of dry food, make sure that you get dry guinea pig food instead of dry rabbit food. Dry rabbit food hasn’t got enough vitamin C for guinea pigs, and can contain substances which can be toxic to guinea pigs.

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