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How Soon Can I Handle My Guinea Pigs?

How soon you can handle your guinea pig depends on the context. If you’ve brought your guinea pigs home for the first time then it’s recommended that you don’t handle them for a week in order to let them get settled into their new home. This may be hard to resist but your guinea pig will thank you for it in the long run!

If your guinea pig is back from an operation then it’s best to ask the vet how long you should wait before your guinea pigs can be handled. In such situations, picking up a guinea pig may put stress on the injured area or on their stitches so it’s vital you follow the vet’s advice if you want your guinea pig to be back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Guinea pig mother and babies
Guinea pig babies need peace and quiet for the first few weeks of their lives

If your guinea pig is pregnant then it’s generally advised not to handle them unnecessarily for a month before they give birth. After giving birth they’ll be very sore and protective of their little ones, so it’s best to leave them for a few weeks.

If your guinea pig is a baby then some good advice to follow is to not hold your baby guinea pigs at all for at least a week, and after that be as gentle with them as you can.

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Mia, 28 June 2021

Can you pet your guinea pig the 2nd day you got him?

Charlotte, 28 June 2019

im about to get two guinea pigs and what if i handle them before the week is over? please reply x