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Guinea pig ownership is a learning curve, and although we hope that the bulk of our guide provides a lot of the key information that you need, this section aims to provide some answers to owner questions that may come up less often.

guinea pig questions
Guinea pig ownership throws up a lot of questions

These little creatures are endlessly entertaining, and even after keeping them for many years it’s likely your pets still have the capacity to surprise you! This section contains information on topics such as guinea pig behaviour, and reducing odours and allergies.

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Jess, 10 November 2019

My guinea pig is 6 and alone as his brother died last year and every winter we’ve kept him in our porch as it’s warmer than outside but not as warm as inside. Would bringing him inside the house this winter cause him any harm (because he’s quite old)?

Kimberly, 8 September 2019

I just bought two 3 month old female guinea pigs and they are sisters. The pet store wanted them sold together but they do not seem to get along very well. One of them puts her but up in the air to the other and they also seem to fight over things . Should I separate them? Maybe do another cage bit put it next to the other so they still are able to see one another but not having the fighting for dominance.

Jody, 23 March 2019

How big do the Dutch guinea pig get

Guineapiggy101, 7 February 2019

No. Guinea pigs are all the same but males can be more territorial.

Chloe, 1 November 2018

We got 2 guinea pigs a few months ago 1 male and 1 female my guinea pig Abby has recently died and we are left with 1 male called Joe and I know that guinea a pigs can't live alone so we are planning to introduce him to another male I have always kept females until recently so I am wondering do male guinea pigs need to be treated differently to females for example amount of excercise, food, health checks, space and so on. Really hope someone can help XX

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