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Should I Take Care Of Wild Rabbits?

Wild rabbits are very difficult to tame, and many will kick and bite if you try to handle them. The rabbits that we keep as pets have not been living wild for several thousand years, and there are strong behavioural differences between wild rabbits and those that we keep in our homes.

It’s much easier, kinder and safer to keep domesticated rabbits, ones that you can adopt or buy from a pet shop or breeder. These animals will be a lot more docile, a lot more friendly, and are less likely to have many of the diseases and illnesses that wild rabbits have.

It's best to stick to domesticated rabbit pets

Catching wild rabbits and keeping them can be dangerous, especially since they could transmit the potentially fatal disease known as rabies on to humans who approach them. Not only this, but wild rabbits will not be used to being in hutches and handled by humans. It’s much better to stick to rabbits that have been born and bred in captivity.

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Titi, 5 February 2020

ive had him for 8 months now he so calm cus i raised him nd 2 others