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How Many Rabbits Can Live Together?

Wild rabbits spend their lives as part of a large group, inhabiting a structure known as a warren. Since rabbits have evolved to live with their families (which can grow very quickly), there isn’t a very low limit of the number of rabbits that can live together – more often than not, the constraining factor is the amount of space you have!

In the wild, rabbits will often live in extremely large groups, with parents and babies all in the same structure

Whilst most owners house a pair of rabbits, keeping three or four are also popular options. Be sure to purchase both a hutch and a run that are large enough, or else you will have to obtain multiple hutches to create enough space.

As well as nice, safe hutch to shelter and sleep in, the space that you provide for your rabbits should include a well-sized outside area for them to run around in. Wild rabbits usually have a lot of space for wandering, and although their grass requirements are less than that of their wild counterparts, your pets will still appreciate adequate space in which to stretch their legs. Rabbits will be very unhappy if they are kept in a hutch all the time - they need a run, too.

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