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Should I Get Rabbits If I Have A Dog Or A Cat?

Owning a dog or cat can make keeping a pair of rabbits a little harder, as you will need to find an area in your house and garden that you can exclude your other, larger animals from. Rabbits are prey animals, and in the wild dogs and cats would be their predators – how would you feel about a lion living in your house? Even if you were safe in your cage you’d be a little anxious most of the time. Think carefully about whether you can maintain the separation between the two species of animal. You will need to keep your larger animals away from your rabbits’ cage, as large animals staring through the bars can really upset your smaller pets.

Do you have a safe space to keep your rabbits in - one which is well away from larger animals?

One of the most important things is to remember is to never let your rabbits out of their cage when your cat or your dog can access them. Even if you can supervise, it’s pretty dangerous. You can’t blame your cat or your dog from acting on instinct and reaching out to stop your rabbit from running, or blame them for playing a little too roughly, even just for a moment. Both of these things could really have some bad consequences for your rabbit, so it’s best to keep them apart.

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