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How Long Do Rabbits Live?

A rabbit that is well looked-after can expect to live for anywhere between eight and twelve years, although some do go on for significantly longer. According to Guinness World Records, the world’s oldest rabbit was eighteen when they passed away!

Some breeders report that dwarf varieties of rabbit tend to live for a little longer than their larger counterparts – this may be something that you would like to factor in when deciding which breed (or breeds) of rabbit to choose.

Rabbits generally live for between eight and twelve years

If your rabbit develops a health problem, then their lives can unfortunately be significantly shorter than average. However, as well as taking good general care of your rabbit, there is one thing that you could do to maximise your pets’ lifespans: neutering them. In female rabbits, this prevents them from dying from birth-related problems, and by getting her spayed it reduces the risk of her developing cancers of the reproductive system - these are illnesses which can occur at any age. By neutering males, it can significantly reduce aggressive and mating behaviours that can be very stressful for all concerned.

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