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Rabbit Insurance

Rabbits are one of the few small mammals for whom insurance is readily available. Rabbit insurance can be a good idea, as it helps safeguard against unexpected vet bills. Rabbits are generally healthy creatures, but they can encounter some health problems, particularly as they approach old age. If you would like to learn more about the health problems that can occur in rabbits, have a look at our illnesses section – it includes advice on what symptoms you should be on the look-out for so that you can catch certain problems early.

Getting rabbit insurance can safeguard you against large bills

If you think insurance is a little outside your price range, then an alternative is storing a small amount of money in a ‘rabbit jar’ each week. If you put enough aside on a regular basis then, if a bill comes, you will have some money to put towards the costs. If you put about £5 away each week then hopefully that will be enough to cover it if the time comes.

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