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Should Rabbits Be Kept In Pairs?

Rabbits are herd animals, and need companions of the same species in order to be happy. Rabbits are constantly on the look-out for predators, and they will feel very vulnerable on their own, even if they’re kept in a very safe run. They will feel much more content if they have at least one of their own kind alongside them, to snuggle up to in the winter and to talk to when they’re bored.

Rabbit need companions in order to be happy

Rabbits also need a rabbit companion to converse with. Try as we might, we as owners can’t fulfil all of a rabbit’s social needs, and we often can’t understand the intricacies of rabbit communication. Animals need members of their own kind to talk to throughout their lives.

Happily, there is little difference in the upkeep effort between one and two rabbits. You’ll want to clear them out almost as frequently with one rabbit as with two, and you’ll need to make the same amount of feeding trips (twice a day). So in all, if you’re getting rabbits, two is the generally considered to be the best option.

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