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What Rabbits Should I Get?

You’ll be happy to hear that there are hundreds of different kinds of rabbit for you to choose from. Rabbits were domesticated (brought into human care) several thousand years ago, and since that time rabbit breeders have produced a great variety of different rabbit forms and colours. Even though all follow the same basic shape (four legs, two furry ears, wide-set eyes and a cute little tail), there are vast differences in size and appearance between some of the breeds.

There are dozens of different rabbit breeds to choose from

Since there are so many different types to choose from, we’ve created a section to help: our Breed Guide offers photographs and descriptions of dozens of different breeds, to help advise you on your decision. Rest assured, whatever type you settle on in the end, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these characterful animals as much as we do.

If the rabbits are to be kept by someone who has never handled or cared for these animals before, then we recommend you choose a small or mid-sized breed that is known to be quite docile. Some good options include the Dutch rabbits, or Netherland Dwarf rabbits. If you are buying two rabbits on behalf of children, it’s good to be aware that you will need to be the one ultimately responsible for their upkeep and care, as children under the age of about eleven or twelve shouldn’t be given the main responsibility. Caring for rabbits is a family effort, and younger members may struggle to maintain interest throughout the rabbits’ lives.

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