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Should I Get Guinea Pigs Or Rabbits?

Rabbits and guinea pigs both make great pets, so it’s a tough choice between the two. There are a few key differences between these two animals, but both are herbivores, need companions of the same species, and a good safe hutch to live in.

Both species need daily care and attention. If you are purchasing the pet for a child, be aware that you will probably have to take care of the rabbits yourself, unless they are old enough to take on a lot of the responsibility. Both of these animals will rely on you and your household to provide everything they need, but they can be wonderful additions to the family if you give them the time and care that they deserve.

Guinea pigs and rabbits have different needs as pets

The first key difference is that of size – rabbits will need a slightly larger run than guinea pigs. We stock hutches that are the perfect sizes for both of these pets on our website, with extensions available. Not only do these structures have a safe, warm compartment for your pets to snuggle up in at night, but attached to these modern hutches is a safe, well-sized run for your animals to gambol about in.

The second key difference is that of food - both species need to be fed fresh and dry food in order to be happy and healthy. These mixes cost similar amounts in shops, but depending on the size of your rabbits they may need a little more food than your guinea pigs would.

Another variation between the two options is who can handle them. Guinea pigs are a little more fragile than rabbits, and so are more suitable for older children. Younger children (under constant adult supervision) can handle a lot of different rabbit breeds, although the Dutch variety is most placid and most popular option.

Finally, in terms of longevity, rabbits tend to live for a little bit longer than guinea pigs. Whilst a guinea pig can expect to live for around five to seven years, rabbits can go on for a little longer, usually anywhere between eight and twelve years.

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Hat, 6 December 2019

Unfortunately, this is quite inaccurate information. Rabbits generally dislike being picked up and are really not suitable pets for young children. Both species need the company of their own kind (neutered pairs) and rabbits especially need a lot of space.