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The World's Most Popular Pet Bird

There are more budgies in the world than any other type of pet bird. People have loved them from the moment the Australian budgerigar was first introduced into European bird collections in the 1840s. And if there’s one thing that’s propelled them to the top slot, it’s sheer personality. They’re small but full of character, cramming all the charisma of a parrot into a package not much bigger than a canary.

Equally important from an owner’s point of view, budgies are relatively easy to keep. As long as you look after the basics - regular feeding, weekly cleaning and affectionate attention to the basic needs of this intelligent, sociable animal - your budgies will practically look after themselves.

budgies are the world's most popular pet bird
Budgies are the world's most popular pet bird

That's not to say you can't make it more complicated if you want to. Many budgie enthusiasts are involved in breeding the birds, looking after chicks, specialising in particular budgie varieties, getting them ready for budgerigar shows, and keeping an outdoor aviary rather than an indoor cage. Budgie keeping can become an engrossing and satisfying hobby, and you'll be joining a world already full of budgie fans, eager to share tips and expertise, both online and in person.

If you don't want to take it this far, you can still set yourself - and your bird - satisfying challenges. Teaching them to talk, for example, is great fun and requires no additional outlay, just time and patience.

Budgie feeding from hand
Hand-feeding a pet budgie

Budgies are undemanding and yet very intelligent. It's a rare combination - you often have to trade one asset for the other when choosing a pet! Bursting with life, and with a constant musical chatter (and the occasional squawk), they will soon take centre stage in your home; and with a bit of care and patience you'll have them feeding from your hand and using you as a favourite perch on their indoor adventures outside the cage.

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Budgies in Cage
Newly Born Budgie
Budgies in Cage
Budgies Perching
Budgie looking happy with mirror


Sarah, 19 March 2023

I love parakeets I`m going to get 2 of them!!!

Kathy, 11 March 2022

I bought two parakeets they had the no breeder rings on their legs does this mean they can't breed. With them on. The male is more aggressive with the female. The ring is this the reason.

Dolly, 9 April 2021

Is the Geo feeder/water available separately?