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Budgie Handfeeding

Young budgies can be hand-fed, but it’s a tricky and demanding job, and should be avoided wherever possible. The hen and cock birds know what they’re doing – if you can, leave it to them. As with any other young animal you’ll need endless patience and know-how if you’re to successfully stand in for the parents. (See Feeding Baby Budgies section, below).

Getting a budgie to feed from your hand is also part of the ‘finger training’ process for adult birds. Once your pet has learned to recognise your hand as a potential perch and handy feeding post, he will readily hop onto your finger inside the cage and out. You can find out exactly how to reach this stage in the Finger-training your Budgie section, below.

Budgie eating seed from the hand
A tame budgie will happily treat you as another handy feeding station

Beyond this initial ‘taming’ of the bird, there is no particular benefit in hand-feeding an adult budgie. A tame bird will happily fly to you whether or not you’re holding food.

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