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7 Best Cat Breeds With Children

Owning a cat is a great way to teach your kids important social skills like responsibility, respect and patience. They are a great first pet for the family because they are low maintenance and easy to care for. Just like with dogs, there are certain breeds of cat which are more suited to the busy hustle and bustle of family life. This section will run through some of the best child friendly cats suited to family life. Even though the following breeds are better suited to living with energetic children it is important that you teach your children to respect your cat and be gentle with it at all times. This will ensure that both your cat and your children get the most out of their relationship.

So, which cat breeds get on best with children?

#1 - Abyssinian

A little girl holding her beautiful Abyssinian cat
A little girl holding her beautiful Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cats are loyal, affectionate, and among the most playful of cats. They are very active, inquisitive and can provide great companionship to your kids. This breed always keeps themselves busy and certainly has a head for heights. They will provide lots of entertainment for you with their athletic exploring. Abyssinians are intelligent and with clicker training you may even be able to teach them some tricks!

#2 - Burmese

A Burmese Cat sitting on a fence
A Burmese Cat sitting on a fence

Burmese cats make wonderful child friendly cats. Known for their playfulness and affectionate nature, you and your family will be constantly entertained by their shenanigans. Burmese cats have also been known to fetch, so can be quite dog like. They do not object to a busy household, in fact they will enjoy a busy lifestyle with lots of love and attention from your children.

#3 - Maine Coon

A child friendly Maine Coon cat
A child friendly Maine Coon cat

The maine coon is a loving and very affectionate cat that can adapt well to a busy family lifestyle. They have a sweet nature and can be very playful which makes them a great all-rounder cat breed.

#4 - Manx

A child friendly tabby manx cat
A child friendly tabby manx cat

Manx cats are known for not having a tail. This is just one of the reasons they are are good breed for children - no tail means that children won’t have the temptation of pulling on a tail! Manx cats are fun to have around the house and like burmese cats they have been known to enjoy fetch. They also like heights, so don’t be surprised if you find your Manx cat watching you from the top of a door!

#5 - Ragdoll

A grey and white Ragdoll Cat thats good with children
A grey and white Ragdoll Cat that's good with children

This breed was given their name for their floppy characteristic. These cats are known to go very limp much like a ragdoll when they are picked up. They are extremely relaxed and loving cats that are very child friendly because of their laidback temperament.

#6 - Siamese

A child friendly Siamese Cat
A child friendly Siamese Cat

These cats are also very playful, sweet natured, and sociable creatures. They will provide hours of entertainment for your kids, as they love to play with toys and get up to mischief as they explore their surroundings.

#7 - Persian

A three coloured Persian kitten that loves playing with children
A three coloured Persian kitten that loves playing with children

These cats are extremely popular not only because of their distinctive cute face, but also because they are very calm but playful cats. They crave human companionship and are known for being patient with boisterous children.

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Animals101, 16 July 2019

Scottish Folds would go well on this list as well. They go really well in a family, especially one with children. My neighbor has 3 kids and they get very calm when spending time with the family’s Scottish Fold.

Misaki, 28 June 2019

And Japanese Bobtails. Very affectionate and gentle. Good temperament.

Realuprisingyt, 26 October 2018

I think American Curls should be on here

An Omleteer, 13 July 2017

I would add Siberians to this list. They are patient, laid back, and love just being with children. We've owned many breeds, and the Siberian has been the best with boisterous kids by far.