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Clark, 2 August 2021

Hi, we saw a young white and bluish parakeet in shoreline WA, looks like flighted juvenile.. the bird had a silver band and was last seen Aug. 2nd near park wood elementary school. We tried to capture but didn’t have any success… maybe this will find the owner, he looked tired and dehydrated but overall pretty okay, we’ll groomed etc. hoping for a happy ending.

Wafeetah, 24 July 2021

My beautiful white parakeet escaped through the open door on the 18 th of July 2021 I was able to spot him on the top of the tree near by He was sitting there overnight. The next day he came down but he flew again when I tried to catch him. This broke my heart. I still wake up to his chirping but he is no where to be found. I live in Seattle new holy zip 98108 Please if anyone sees him or locate him please let me know here. Thanks

Jim, 27 May 2021

4 weeks ago a beautiful green parakeet appeared at my bird feeders. I have attempted to find out if it was tame. He/she is not. The beauty is at the feeders every day. He now flies with sparrows all over. It really appears they have accepted his as one o their own. No one answered a newspaper ad. I will hate to see winter though

Bradley, 14 May 2021

Ngoc-Anh, if your birds are still missing, they aren't coming back. I am so sorry, it must be very hard to hear this, and your parents may not have wanted to tell you. You have given your birds a wonderful life full of love, but it's time for them to rest now. Love and care for the birds you still have, its what your bird would have wanted.

Luciy, 1 May 2021

Hello I lost 2 blue parakeets near lake grove in lake oswego. They are around 3 months old and one has a yellow patch on the side of his beak. They like all kinds of seeds If you see him please send a picture and contact me by email at

Hanaa, 11 April 2021

i lost my budgie in al majamah saudi arabia in matar area he is white and has light blue belly if you see him call on 0538077360 or message on the same number please

Ngoc-Anh, 24 March 2021

I lost my budgie on February 26 2021 I had him for 9 months and i am really attached to him he is dark green and he is kind of nice he will bit if I talk to someone else or if i go on my dad or moms phone. He knows some trick he knows the call kemand and he can say "I love you" and "Peekaboo" and some other words or i think he does or its just my ears he has a blue nose and a mate named Aqua she is really depressed that he is missing and I miss him a lot! I am young i am not even 11. So please don't lie I really miss him and been crying a lot i ask all my friend to help me find him. And his mate does not want to eat with the other bird and she is attacking my cockatiel! so i really need him back it has been 4 weeks i am not sure if he still alive. but even if he is died give him to me i just want to know. he was last seen in my room. he was missing when i got home and when i leave i don't put my budgies in the cage when i leave nothing like this ever happened to me before. I don't know if he is died in my house but if you seen him just leave a comment with my name. I left his favorite food and a cage that looks like his out he didn't come back still don't know if he is in my house or if he is lost i put 3 missing poster up. My mom does not let me put a reward. I really miss him... if you do see him comment with my name on him it Ngoc-Anh Ton people call me Moon Ton though. He was missing near sacramento CA February 26 2021 He is not a big fan of strangers but if he need help he may follow you that is what he does when he is hungry he is my everything he is the nicest and smartest bird i have i also have a missing cockatiel called Dawn he is yellow and male he has a mate named Raspberry She layed eggs 3 weeks ago Dawn was missing on October 2020 and I have a male canary missing he was missing on summer 2020 i forgot when he is white with a yellow/orange beak I really is them if you know where they are please comment my name

Sage, 18 February 2020

I lost my 6 week old baby budgie outside in the winter. I tried to keep an eye on him but i was screaming instead. I told my family to help me find and we searched for 25 minutes, yet no luck. Does anyone have tips on how to find a 6 week old budgie in the winter.

An Omleteer, 15 December 2019

@kaja Pretty much the same thing happened to me. My budgies are indoor birds and never fly out of the window no matter how wide open it is but last night she disappeared from the house without a trace and she isn't in the are at all. I just want to go back and become better friends with her and bond more because then maybe, she wouldn't have left. Oh, and there are foxes and crows in my area wish me luck guys, please.

Fred, 17 October 2019

If you want your Budgie back, use its favorite food!

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