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Sohaib, 2 December 2019

For those of you searching that when is your budgie pair start mating then - it usually take about 17 days as far as I have counted they will kiss each other several times a day then when the female is impressed with the nest and ready she'll do mating with male automatically also Some of the people asked about a concave flooring the answer to that is take a piece of would that fits right into the nest box and make a simple circular whole in it ! Done it should be atleast 2 cm thick

Samantha, 12 October 2019

I am wondering where to find a nesting box with a concave floor. I have tried to make one but have not been very successful. Does anyone have a link of one with a concave floor? Thank you

Francis, 14 September 2019

I built.a large aviary with a large shed adjoining it .I put the budgies in the shed 10 days ago but refuse to go in the aviary

Amanda, 22 August 2019

my female keeps attacking my male been together a year

Dana, 3 August 2019

I just bought two brand new nesting boxes for my two pairs of birds that are dropping eggs all over my bedroom, the boxes won't fit in the cage, can I place them on the floor? Do they need to be covered? I've never done this before I don't know how to help them do this right, thanks

Elaine, 25 July 2019

Can a wooden nest box, be placed on the floor of a budgie cage, will they go in it?

Eva, 14 July 2019

Hi. My budgie had four babies last month and the last one just came out of the nest few days ago. On the same day I found out the mummy budgie laid another egg and is continuing. Is it normal to have more babies so closely? Is it safe for the mummy budgie? Please advice. Thanks

Raven, 25 June 2019

Hi all. Ive had a breeding pair of budgies for just over a month. How long will it take for them to breed again after they were moved to me and a new cage

Fabien, 26 May 2019

My male bird is feeding the female outside the box what dose that mean

Guerra, 25 May 2019

I have a female Budgie who has made six eggs five of which have already hatched we had to clean out the nesting box and decided to remove the old cardboard box she had originally nested in we’ve been watching and observing for a few hours and she refuses to go into the box will this be a problem

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