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Chloe, 22 June 2021

Hello, I am concerned about my female budgie. She is showing signs of aggression. I am guessing that she might be ready to breed and we are trying to keep her separated from the male that we have, although she has been loose with him and has been mounted by him we have tried to keep them separated. We are concerned that she may be egg bound though and are wondering if you could give us some direction. She seems irritated, a little fatter, has a dirty vent, fluffing up her feathers etc. She is still flying around lots though. Could you give us some direction of when we would need to take her to the vet? Thank you in advance.

Deanne, 3 June 2019

I have 2 male birds and the beek on one always grows too long and i have to trim it.Why does this happen.

Pradip, 25 December 2018

At what age a budgie chick could be attempted for handrearing?

Lilly, 17 November 2018

If the parents get to nervous will they harm the chicks.

Judy, 6 November 2018

My Hen had a clutch of 5 eggs, She sat on them just about full time for a few weeks, and then one by one she started throwing them out of the box. The last one I found in the tray under the newspaper, that's laid out, half a shell with a very tiny chick in it, which broke my heart. Everything was textbook up to the 2 weeks into it. I am giving her a rest now..I am going to breed her again in the spring..

Alexia, 2 August 2017

Amazing information! Really impressive and happy that I found this website! Thank you :-)