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How do dogs mate?

The male dog will begin by sniffing the females vulva. If she is receptive she will pull her tail to one side which is known as ‘flagging’. The male will then mount the female and insert his penis and begin thrusting. During this thrusting he will ejaculate. After this the dogs will form a ‘breeding tie’. The male dog will lift his hind leg over and the dogs will stand rear to rear with the penis still inserted. During this time the bulbus gland on the males penis will swell and the dogs will be locked together. Breeding ties can last anywhere between 2-30 minutes. During this time they should not be separated as this could cause damage.

Two dogs on their grey bed
Two dog mates sharing and enjoying each other's company on their Fido Classic Dog Bed.

An inexperienced bitch may start to get anxious at this point and it is important that she is calmed down so she doesn’t cause damage to the males. When copulation is finished the males bulbus gland will reduce in size and the dogs will separate.

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Lalit, 29 September 2023

Dog mating is a topic that often comes with misconceptions and misguided notions. Many people believe that dogs should be mated at least once in their lifetime, but the reality is quite different. Let’s dive into the facts and shed light on why forcing a dog to mate is unnecessary and why dogs do not mate for pleasure. Let’s delve into the facts: Female dogs experience heat cycles, during which they may exhibit unusual behavior. This can include restlessness, increased vocalization, and changes in appetite. It’s essential to provide appropriate care and attention during this time.

Fiorenza, 8 January 2020

I like dogs but reading about them mating is not my thing.