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What Size And Shape Of Gerbil Wheel Do They Need?

Gerbils love running in their wheel - it’s a good form of entertainment, and it’s also a great way for them to get some exercise. When you’re choosing a wheel, it’s important to make sure that your gerbils have one that’s the correct size, and one which is made of solid plastic. Both of these things are really important, as gerbils can’t run enough in a wheel that’s too small for them, and if they aren’t given a solid wheel then their tails can become ensnared in the wheel, which is extremely painful!

The two key things for gerbil wheels are that they are the right size, and that they don't have gaps between the rungs

A good size for a gerbil wheel is about seven or eight inches in diameter. This allows your pets space to run without it having to be at an uncomfortable angle, which could put pets off exercising. Imagine running on a treadmill that was far too short - it would be very awkward and irritating, and would put you off running full stop!

Instead of a wheel with gaps in the rungs, gerbils need a solid wheel with no gaps around it’s running edge. A wheel with rungs is extremely dangerous for gerbils, as their tails get caught in the gaps as the wheel is turning - as you can imagine, this is highly dangerous. To avoid this, be sure to get a solid plastic wheel like the one above that we sell in our gerbil and hamster shop.

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