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Should I Get A Guinea Pig For My Children?

Guinea pigs can be great pets for children – they’re cute, friendly, and fluffy - what more could you ask for? These pets will bring a lot of pleasure to children, but adults should be prepared to do some of the looking-after. Guinea pigs are relatively easy to care for, and the maintenance doesn’t feel like a chore, but it’s not a responsibility that a young child should have on their shoulders. Ultimately, the recommendation is that it’s not a good idea for a child under ten or eleven to be given the main responsibility for the care of the animals. Any child can have lots of fun with guinea pigs and will really bond with them, but you’ll need to supervise younger kids when handling in order to make sure they don’t accidentally harm their pets. Have a look at our guinea pig handling section for best-practises when it comes to picking up and moving your pets, and teaching young children how to hold them safely on the floor.

Guinea pig and friend
Children and guinea pigs can be great friends

Any child older than ten will likely to be able to take on most of the care, but overall it’s likely a family activity and responsibility. Since most family members will enjoy the guinea pigs, many families choose to take turns cleaning out their cage and nipping to the shops for their food.

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