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How Much Does Guinea Pig Neutering Cost?

Both females (sows) and males (boars) can be castrated, but you’ll obviously only need to castrate one gender or the other in order to prevent being overrun by babies. Neutering costs vary, but typically a neutering operation will cost about £50 per guinea pig. Sows can be castrated nowadays with injections, but boars will still need the full operation. It’s worth bearing in mind that any operation is both stressful and dangerous for your guinea pig, so if it’s possible to keep guinea pigs in gender combinations that a.) don’t necessitate neutering, and b.) leave no guinea pig on their own, then that might be the best good option.

a group of guinea pigs
Guinea pigs can be neutered to prevent them reproducing

Although baby guinea pigs are very cute, it's worth bearing in mind that mothers can find it a very stressful experience, and there can be quite severe birth complications. If you want to add some more guinea pigs to your group, you might want to consider adopting some. There are hundreds and hundreds of guinea pigs of all breeds and ages waiting for new owners in shelters all across the country, and they'd love to come and join you.

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Susan, 20 April 2021

I got a new piggy who is 3 months old. Would it be wise to wait til she is at least 6 months old before spaying. I want to prevent ovarian and uterine problems for when she gets older. I would like to think benefits outweigh risks. Im aware surgery on a piggy is risky

Tyla, 19 March 2020

I have two male guinea pigs that are 5 and 7 months old. My long hair guinea pig Bailey (7 months old) has lice. I wasnt able to find lice on Avery (5 months old). I want to take then to the vet to get something to get rid of the lice. How much will the vet trip for both of my Guniea Pigs cost and how much will the treatment for them cost?